Private Client


We were approached to create a striking rooftop addition to a top floor 1950’s Warner flat in the Lloyd Park area of North London. Our approach was to provide an inverted ‘sheltered’ dormer offering panoramic views through the tree canopy and out across the park beyond. The intervention is intended to offer an alternative to the generic ‘loft company conversion’, seeking to provide a unique yet contextual addition that provides additional sleeping accommodation with an external roof terrace from which to overlook the park to the rear.


The red clay roof tiles, although not original to the property led us to lean towards a material that patinates and weathers over time allowing it to embed itself, diminishing its presence. Following much research we settled on the most appropriate material to achieve this aesthetic – weathering steel also know as ‘Corten®’. This unique material comes in either flat sheets or formed panels, hung to the lightweight timber sub-frame.


Upon initial installation the cladding will be raw, natural steel and with increasing exposure to the elements will weather to a darker / burnished appearance, further protecting itself, as well as enabling the new dormer to blend in and become inconspicuous against the retained red clay roof tiles. 


After obtaining planning consent we set about detailing the angular, faceted cladding with an experienced metalworker in order to achieve the best way to create a striking sculptural piece that both projects from the existing roof slope but sits comfortably in its surroundings allowing it to be refined and elegant.


Construction is now well underway and we look forward to seeing the juxtaposition of the cladding against the red clay and London Stock brickwork and are sure it will complement the aesthetic of the original property.


Under Construction
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