Private Client


Located on the end of a prominent terrace in Walthamstow the property sits in a dominant location overlooking the grounds to the front of Waltham Forest College. We were approached to both refurbish and increase the existing floor area to create additional accommodation for the young family. Working in the creative industries the client was clear that any changes should not be solely focused on the creation of more space but rather be interventions that complement the existing aesthetic, were considered and unique. By identifying three key design elements (front facade treatment, rear dormer and feature staircase) we could direct the budget to develop a strong overarching concept and aesthetic.


Externally the house has been altered from a hip-to-gable roof allowing the new roof plane to be manipulated to insert a striking angular, ‘inverted’ rear dormer. With the added vertical elevation our intention was to direct views away from the busy main road running parallel to the plot and by pulling the rear panoramic dormer face inward create the feeling of a protective overhanging roof. The directed positioning of the sliding cavity window to the rear takes full advantage of the open vista stretching across the front lawns of both the adjacent College and Town Hall.


To continue the angular design aesthetic internally the existing stair has been removed to allow for the formation of a double height stairwell into which we have inserted a raw-black folded staircase finished in ‘highly compressed paper’ with the laminations of the birch ply substructure left exposed at the edges to accentuate the construction and create a material aesthetic running vertical linking the ground floor to the new loft space.


With planning consent achieved under permitted development, the external material palette is a restrained consisting of natural slate, fibre cement, aluminium rainwater goods, oak and black aluminium windows throughout.


Phase Two is now complete with extensive modifications to the front facade, removing the full width of the ground floor fenestration to create a more spacious and pleasant approach to the property. The front windows and door are being replaced with Oak framed units and both existing and new brickwork painted white to unify and create a datum across the width of the property. By pulling back the front door to its original position, addressing level changes and installing a new slate paved garden with rendered planters will create a more defined and striking arrival.


Completed Jan 2018
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