Baltic X Blueprint X Ryder

Shortlisted Competition Entry – January 2015


DEDRAFT entered an international competition to co-author a fully-funded installation within the renowned Baltic Mill in Gateshead.


The unique prospect to potentially design a collaborative installation with an artist was something we were keen to engage with, both to broaden the creative experience and to give us a chance to learn from the experience and be opened up to new ways of thinking from a different perspective. Despite losing out in the end the process of developing some early conceptual ideas and exploring the nature of a collaborative commission are aspects we wish to further utilise on future projects


Influenced by the ‘Drawing with Light’ series by Uta Barth our thinking was not so much drawing with light but rather the utilisation of materials to delineate space which if manoeuvred – at will or in a controlled manner (by the artist) could create a particular atmosphere forming either an interactive installation or a textural backdrop to the installation. The use of light (both natural and artificial) could either result in a conscious or effective consequence of how the space is formed or planned. Primarily it is rather the side-effects of the manipulation of light – shadows, silhouettes, polarisation or a feeling of lightness or weightlessness that we feel could be utilised to give depth to the users experience – playing into the hands of human curiosity and sensory experience.


Another key element of our thinking comes at the core of our daily thinking – spatial perception. The design of our installation is very much dependent on the situation in which it exists and as a result how it can or is perceived by the viewer. Taking into consideration the various forms of media that could be experimented with – projection, wall and floor-mounted art or suspended exhibits our design would be influenced by factors including structure, materiality, light, space and transparency.


Final Three Shortlist

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