Caswell Dainow


Having been granted planning consent from Southwark for a 100 sq.m new-build house in Nunhead, South London in early 2021 DEDRAFT were approached by young, progressive developers Caswell Dainow to take the outline design forward, developing the technical detailing in close collaboration with both CD and structural engineers Blue Engineering.


Having secured consent on such a tight triangular corner site the design makes full use of the complex, irregular shape enclosed by long brickwork enveloping boundary walls at the apex of the residential street. The outer walls being part-solid, part-perforated define and acknowledge the streetscape on one aspect and abut the rear gardens the others. Although responding to the public domain the wall is perforated in sections to both frame, and admit views and light as and where required, giving glimpses into less private external amenity spaces.


Comprising of a balanced mix of grey, handmade brickwork, defined, stepped precast concrete head detailing, slimline aluminium windows and doors, wildflower roofs and three internal courtyard gardens the house strikes a compromise with the local housing stock without attempting to be a pastiche. Old and new work together in harmony with a play on scale to address the exposed corner site.


The proposed interiors are calm and neutral throughout with a exposed oak roof joists, bespoke stained oak staircase and joinery to key spaces, fixed rooflights and large-format white oiled oak flooring bringing a restrained and easy maintained backdrop that provides a strong and light reflective surface to bounce light around the enclosed floor plan.


Considerations on sustainability, low energy use, low embodied carbon and striking a balance with durability have been a key aspects as we develop the detailed technical aspects of the build which will all be key factors to encourage potential purchasers to embrace a well considered and efficient house on an under-used London site.


Property Developer – Caswell Dainow

Structural Design / Underground Drainage – Blue Engineering

Building Control – ACT Surveyors

CDM PD – Sweco


Project services being provided


Obtain Building Control Approval

Detailed / Technical Design

Tender Process

Construction Drawings

Monitoring during Construction

Contract Administration

As-Built Drawings



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