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Works to this large end-of-terrace Victorian property in Walthamstow, East London are almost completed. The property sits perpendicular to the adjacent terrace and as a result a large number of properties overlook the side of the house. DEDRAFT were asked to propose the addition of a new side and rear extension aiming to create additional floor area whilst appearing as its own unique element, juxtaposed with the common London stock L-shaped terrace.


The plot featured a long linear, heavily planted garden to the rear with access from the front via a side passageway. As part of our proposed design, we sought to retain and gradually blend this more mature garden into a softer more open external space linking the proposed rear/side additions. Our initial concepts explored the infill of a full wraparound extension unifying the ground floor to create a more spacious rectangular, wide footprint as well as the breaking up of these two proposed elements into separate entities with the aim of enabling the privacy and outlook from each internal space to be addressed more readily.


The completed additions feature the reconfiguration and re-order the existing functions of the ground floor interior to enable a much more open and fluid relationship between the front and rear of the property, with increased opening sizes throughout, longer framed vistas as well as the use of concealed sliding doors giving a degree of flexibility and privacy as required. Furthermore to introduce a distinct order and inject a heavy and significant rhythm to the side and rear elevations the structure was all cast in in-situ concrete with a characterful ‘board-marked’ finish. Along the new side elevation, the structural concrete fins are interspersed with a combination of solid and glazed vertical sections. 


These repetitive recessed infills are finished in a contrasting Freshfields Lane brick with alternate panels featuring deep set, high-level aluminium windows, helping to reduce the risk of overlooking by the adjacent properties. A low, board-marked, in-situ concrete horizontal upstand wraps around the side and rear forming a substantial unifying plinth reinforcing the rear additions as a new entity.


Within the new rear extensions, a pigmented, polished concrete floor wraps up the wall to cill level offering generous and deep window seats and a filling of secure enclosure. Bespoke joinery units sit behind the brick recesses giving added depth to the new external envelope and offering much-needed storage for a substantial book and record collection. Oak engineering floors have been added throughout with the internal palette consisting of a mix of Corian, sprayed joinery, hand-crafted stone resin and matt black /chrome bathroom fittings.


On the upper floors, the first floor the layout has been reconfigured to include a new monolithic folded staircase finished in Oak with a solid painted balustrade, providing access to the newly converted loft space. The existing roof has been adapted to introduce a rear dormer over the main roof with a fibre-concrete clad mansard running along the rear projection providing an additional bathroom with deep, accentuated window openings.


Project services being provided


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Outline Design

Pre-Application Advice

Obtain Planning Consent

Obtain Building Control Approval

Detailed Design

Manage Tender Process

Construction Drawings

Site Attendance during Construction

Contract Administration

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Snagging. July 2019