Private Client


We were approached to extend and reconfigure the interior design on this mid-terrace property in Walthamstow Village. The client was keen to re-orientate the interior of the rear to create a more direct relationship to the long rear garden.


A key aspect of the design is the incorporation of a centre staircase to unify the existing lower floors with a more contemporary aesthetic within the new loft space. Our initial explorations took us towards the creation of a wrapped ‘block’ or cylindrical staircase into which the user would be ‘enveloped’ by a single material running seamlessly from first to the second floor. This material will form both the finish for the stair itself whilst also lining the walls, picking up a datum point at waist level.


Project services being provided

Feasibility Study

Outline Design

Obtain Planning Consent

Obtain Building Control Approval

Detailed Design

Manage Tender Process