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This end-of-terrace ex Warner property in Lloyd Park, Walthamstow is being fully extended and having the ground floor fully reconfigured. We were briefed to provide a fully open plan ground floor with the potential to provide separation, in the form of concealed sliding doors if required to several junctions between old and new. To the rear, the new addition has been angled in such a way to create an enclosure directing one’s view out across the new lawn to the raised garden beyond with the introduction of bamboo and perennial planter beds to create a layered and rear garden.


It was requested that original features be returned to the property to the front living room and that the cornice, mouldings and unique Warner front door was reinstated to create a better sense of unison between the period of the property and the more contemporary style to the rear. The existing rear ground floor is to be fully opened requiring the new for extensive structural alterations with new Oak flooring running from front to back of the property.


This new angular extension will be fully clad in matt black micro corrugated profile sheeting extending over both vertical and horizontal surface creating a monolithic block in stark contrast to the original London stock brickwork. The roof will feature a linear rooflight accentuating the junction of old with new. When viewed from the first floor to the rear metal planter slits cut across the roof plane will be enlivened with wildflower planting vibrantly contrasting with the black backdrop.


Internally finishes include a mix of whitened engineered Oak flooring, sprayed matt white joinery, quartz stone. Bespoke joinery will also be added internally in a range of timber veneer and matt/gloss sprayed finishes. Externally a palette of dusty grey brick paving staggered across the lawn provides an informal path from the house to the raised rear seating area and when combined with yellow stemmed bamboo, misty perennials and new cedar fencing will provide a soft backdrop to the more industrial metal-clad extension.


Project services being provided


Feasibility Study

Outline Design

Obtain Planning Consent

Obtain Building Control Approval

Detailed Design

Manage Tender Process

Construction Drawings

Site Attendance during Construction

Contract Administration

As-Built Drawings


Completed. 2017

Photos. John McDavid